What is BioPheeD?

Years in development, BioPheeD is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to activate your soil’s biology also known as the soil microbiome.

What is the Soil Microbiome?

The soil is home to billions of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and other micro and macro organisms that make up the soil microbiome. Did you know that 90% of the microbes in the soil are dormant? This is due partly to the lack of food the soil microbiome requires. BioPheeD provides the ingredients essential for the soil microbiome to function at its optimum.

How can BioPheeD make my lawn and garden look their best?

The biology in your soil is a machine when it's active and diverse and this is what BioPheeD creates. The soil microbiome has a job to do from providing nutrients to the plant, so you fertilize less. Fending off pests e.g. weeds and insects, so you use less pesticides and help the soil retain more water so you water less. By having healthier bigger plants and an active microbiome - your soils are storing more carbon.

  • STEP 1

    Apply to your lawn, landscape and garden soil. Then water it in.

  • STEP 2

    For best results, reapply every 4 months during the growing season.

  • STEP 3

    Enjoy a more beautiful lawn, and landscape and a healthier garden. Oh, and more envious friends! 😉

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Fertilizers Not Cutting It?

Oversaturating the soil with unnecessary additives and fertilizers can wreak havoc on the health of your lawn, garden, landscaping and houseplants. Even the productivity of the soil biology can be affected.

BioPheeD naturally activates the soil biology without disrupting the delicate balance of the microbial community that keep plants happy and healthy. With larger, more robust root systems, you’ll see better grass, more productive gardens, and beautiful potted plants.

Make the Switch

Water and fertilizer restrictions have your lawn not looking its best?

By activating the soil's biology, this releases more nutrients like phosphorus, iron and sulfur so your stays greener longer. This increase in biological activity also creates better soil structure so your soil retains more water.

Is your garden not producing like it should?

BioPheeD naturally activates the soil's biology which helps to release nutrients tied up in the soil that are important to your garden that lead to bigger yields and healthier, nutritionally dense fruit and vegetables.

Want those stunning houseplants you see online? Forget to water? Bored of small leaves and flowers?

BioPheeD is your new best friend. By boosting root systems, nutrient availability, and water retention, it’s never been easier to get gorgeous, thriving houseplants and blooms.


Can I still use fertilizer?

Because BioPheeD increases nutrient availability and water retention, you can save money by using less fertilizer without sacrificing the health of your plants.

Start out small by reducing your normal fertilizer rate by 10% and adjust from there. Don’t forget that soil type, soil pH, climate, and more all affect how and when you should apply fertilizer. It is recommended to have your soil tested from an accredited laboratory to determine what your nutrient needs are for whatever you grow.

How do I apply BioPheeD?

For detailed instructions, visit our application rates page.

When can I apply BioPheeD?

BioPheeD can be applied any time the soil temperature is above 50 degrees F.

How often can I apply BioPheeD?

You can apply BioPheeD in the spring/summer and early fall. Check out our Application Rates page for detailed instructions by use.

Is BioPheeD organic?

BioPheeD is not certified organic, but it is all natural!