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Can I still use fertilizer?

You can still use fertilizer, but because BioPheeD activates the biology in the soil they are working to help supply the nutrients which means you use less fertilizer.

How do I apply Berndt’s BioPheeD?

The easiest way to apply is by hand. Then just water it in!

When can I apply Berndt’s BioPheeD?

Berndt’s BioPheeD can be applied any time the soil temperature is above 50 degrees F.

How often can I apply Berndt’s BioPheeD?

You can apply Berndt’s BioPheeD in the spring/summer and early fall. Check out our Application Rates page for detailed instructions by use.

Is Berndt’s BioPheeD organic?

Berndt’sBioPheeD is not certified organic, but it is all natural!