What is Berndt's BioPheeD?

Berndt's BioPheeD is a proprietary blend of ingredients that feeds and supports your soil's microbiome. Did you know that 90% of your soil's microbiome is in a hibernating stage because the microbes don't have the right environment to be productive? 

BioPheeD supplies the food necessary to revive and support the soil microbiome, creating healthier soil, and better-looking lawns, landscapes, plants and gardens.

Ever wonder what is happening in the soil beneath our feet?

The soil’s microbiome is home to bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, and other micro and macro-arthropods. The protozoa, nematodes and micro-arthropods (predators) that feed on the fungi and bacteria (prey) are an integral part of nutrient cycling in the soil.

A Biological Soil Primer

Incredibly, 85-90% of the nutrients a plant needs can be supplied by the soil microbiome, but greater than 90% of the soil’s bacteria are inactive due to the lack of a readily available food source. Without the microbial diversity and abundancy, the chemical and physical processes that are instrumental in nutrient cycling and soil structure development are not occurring as quickly nor as efficiently.

That Enriches Soil with Beneficial Nutrients

The microbes are present but are in a state of cryptobiosis (resting stage) until they have the right trigger e.g. nutrients, water, food etc. The soil microbiome requires and expends a tremendous amount of energy to meet the nutrient needs of plants and the ingredients in Berndt’sBioPheeD is the catalyst to starting this process.